Call for Papers
for Special Session:
"Can Artificial Neural Network be Intelligent?"
The International Conference on Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence (ICNNAI'2010)

1 - 4 June, 2010
Brest, Belarus


Once my friend, who worked in a world famous electric company as an engineer, told me, "it's amateurish," when I admired a food in a Chinese restaurant telling him, "It's really wonderful that they every time cook in slightly a different way whenever I order the same one, and every time it's delicious." He told me, "Real professional should cook exactly the same way every time."

McClelland wrote Even after more than a half a century of research on machine intelligence, humans remain far better than our strongest computing machines at a wide range of natural cognitive tasks, [1]

However, as far as its application to industry is concerned, the state of the art of machine intelligence reaches quite an impressive level nowadays. But what is human intelligence?

Assume, for example, we are in a foreign country where we are not so conversant in its native language, and assume we ask, "Pardon?" to show we have failed to understand what they were telling us. Then intelligent people might try to change the expression with using easier words so that we understand this time, while others, perhaps not so intelligent, would repeat the same expression, probably with a little bigger voice.

This conference names "Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network," expecting an establishment of artificial intelligence by means of neural network. In fact, we have had lots of successful reports proudly claiming a design of intelligent machine. Then question arises. What is intelligence? Some of what they call an intelligent machine perform the given task much more efficiently, effectively, or precisely than human. However we human are not usually very efficient, effective nor precise, but rather spontaneous, flexible, or unpredictable.

We see what they call an intelligent humanoid robot or pet whose behavior looks pretty intelligent. But what if they always behave exactly as before whenever it comes across exactly the same situation as it learned the behavior? However it might be very efficient, we would loose an interest sooner or later.

We organize this special session looking forward a hot discussion on this topic. Both positive and negative article are welcomed. We also plan to publish in a special issue in the journal "Advances in Artificial Neural Systems" from the Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

[1] James L. McClelland (2009) "Is a Machine Realization of Truly Human-Like Intelligence Achievable?" Published online from "Springer Science + Business."




Looking forward to seeing you in this fancy town of Brest in this wonder land of Belarus.